Advising your clients on how to choose an ERP system - it’s your reputation on the line


Presented by: Irene de Gooyer-Collins

Sponsored by: Paragon ERP

As a bookkeeper, you are a valuable resource to your clients. Naturally, you know a lot about accounting, taxes, and how costing should be done. Your clients might also look to you for advice on how to manage their operations, how to be more efficient, and how to take advantage of a new opportunity. But what if they look to you for help choosing their software?


This scenario is one Irene de Gooyer-Collins knows well. Picture this: your client’s current systems do not support their business - the software is old, it doesn’t work for their new sales channel, their new inventory needs, or they don’t have a system at all. What’s more, they are afraid to make a purchasing decision alone because they know that software is a significant investment of both time and money, with potential failures that are costly to their business, and they don’t really understand what the right software can do for them in the first place.


So, where does this leave you as a trusted advisor? What steps can you take to be the expert your client needs for selecting the software? Irene discusses what features and functionality are important when making a good decision when it comes to ERP software, why you should conceptually understand the software you are recommending, and why becoming your own expert and strategic consultant is critical to both your own success and that of your clients.

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