Are you Worth It? Let’s Work it!

Business Savvy


Presented by: Sherri-Lee Mathers


Bookkeepers … you have the knowledge and skills, yet you still don't see yourself for the Star you are.  Our bookkeeping world is changing exponentially, causing us to question ourselves and our abilities: working with different accountants, being referred to as a ‘data entry person’, pricing challenges, and, of course, the evolving tech and terminology changes.

This lack of confidence can hold us back from moving forward to create the business and life we want.  Welcome to ‘Bookkeepers Group Therapy’, where we will discuss some these challenges as well as some skills others are using to overcome their own challenges to succeed.  


We will work through a ‘Worth Audit’ and learn some secrets on how to ditch the liabilities in our head so we can communicate to our customers that we are a valuable Asset to their business!

Come unlock the door and let's release your Inner Rock Star.  You ARE Worth it!

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