Best Practices, Systems and Workflows: Getting stuff done. On-time, accurately, consistently.

Business Best Practices, Strategy


Presented by: Kellie Parks, CPB


What are you going to get harassed about in this session?


  • To stop overthinking

  • To figure out what you want to do and who you are going to do it with

  • To learn the importance of being “Bossy-Nice”

  • To be a cheerleader

  • To understand why controlled automation is automagical

  • And of course to template everything! Never peck out anything twice!


And what are you going to skip out having done?

  • Started an Ideal Client Profile

  • Set the base for your Client Communication and Sharing Statement

  • Motored through how to create an “app agnostic” workflow

  • You will be able to use for process-mapping o You can upload these when you do have/understand the apps

  • But for now, this will be pretty kickin’ to simply use as your workflows

  • For the bonus, you will receive a link to a form you can complete to vet your app needs (and wants) and find a fit in the workflow applications


This is an actionable session. We are going to get stuff done here. I can’t wait to collaborate with you on this! 

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