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Real-time, perfect, automated data in.  Books that keep seamlessly, providing you with insights like you haven’t seen before.  Payroll and payments that don’t require manual work. Workpapers that create awesome financial statements efficiently and easily.  Taxes that are streamlined and don’t require complex gifi mapping or bloated software.

We’re already in the early days of this reality.  In the not-so-distant future, which skills will you need to thrive?  What does this mean for your clients? When so much is automated, what is the value of your work?  How do you express this to the client? How will you bill for it?

Join QuickBooks Canada Head of Product, Scott Zandbergen and noted author, speaker and QuickBooks Business Development Manager, Jeff Borschowa as they explore these topics and more with help from some of the most forward-thinking CPB’s.

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