Building the Ideal Team

Business Savvy

Presented by: Mischelle Read, CGA, CPA


Do you have trouble finding great people to hire?  Are you confident creating a job description to attract both skills and a good work ethic?  How would you rate your interview procedure?  What about regular team meetings – are they a part of your process – and if so, what do you discuss?

Well this session is all about the steps to consider (and what those might look like) to acquire, train, and maintain a happy, dedicated group to work with – like the one Mischelle has.  Along with the above, other topics she’ll discuss include:

  • What her onboarding and training process involves

  • How she motivates and rewards her team

  • What she does to keep the team together

  • Her system for performance and remuneration reviews, and

  • What she does when someone is ‘not quite the right fit’.


Join Mischelle as she shares her methods, her stories, her successes (yes, and failures) based on the experiences she has had in building her ideal team – one that includes long-time members – and what she still wants to change to make things even better!

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