Ethics, Regulations & Tips on Employee Location Tracking

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Presented by: Kreg MacPhee, Brad Rougeau & Stephen King

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In this session, we will discuss the rules surrounding location-tracking of mobile employees by companies in Canada; when it is appropriate to track employee locations and when it is not; and the different ways technology can empower this tracking in a manner that respects both the privacy of the employee and the needs of the employer.  The speakers will look at specific industries where location tracking can and cannot be used, giving examples of the value it can provide to both employees and employers for issues such as legal liability or safety.

We will also show some real-world feedback from employees using a location tracking system via their smartphones.  Our developer of the PayTickr location-tracking system will discuss the limitations of the smartphone devices and how this affects the locations they can report.  Lastly, we will provide a brief demo of the location-tracking of PayTickr.

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