Finding Hidden Revenue

Business Savvy


Presented by: Scott Rees

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Whether an established company or a growing business, finding additional sources of revenue should always be an active goal, but it can be difficult to figure out where that could originate.  Often, it comes down to something as simple as time:  how time is spent, how you account for it, how you bill for it, and ultimately, how you can do more with the same or less of it.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • The basics of time and activity tracking, and where it makes sense to use it in your business

  • Using tracked data to provide you with insights into how your time is spent

  • Using those insights to identify processes that could be automated or outsourced so you can focus your time on higher-value activities

  • Applying those techniques to your client’s businesses to identify their missed opportunities.


We’ll then move on to the actual detail of using those tools and processes to provide real value to clients who didn’t realize the opportunities their businesses were missing.  We’ll talk about:

  • Identifying clients that would benefit from a time and activity tracking solution

  • Demonstrating the value gained by analyzing their tracked time

  • Working with a technology partner to implement a time tracking solution

  • Identifying high-value activities you can provide through the project implementation lifecycle

  • Remaining active with your clients’ solution to provide continuous feedback and regular data review

  • Working with a technology partner to better shape customer data for analysis

  • How to take the first steps towards implementing all of the above!


By the end of our session, we want you to be inspired to create actionable ideas that will help gain lost or hidden revenue in your business.

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