Managing Clients: Best Practices Systems, Communications & Conflict Resolution



Presented by: Colleen Hoggarth, CPB, FCPB; Kellie Parks, CPB


You and your clients are in this together. This is a collaborative relationship like never before - and it can be great. ...or not.


You need to:


  • Set expectations and state your boundaries

  • Communicate them clearly

  • Stick to your boundaries

  • Develop an ideal client profile


Colleen and Kellie are going to chat with you about:


  • Client management best practices

  • Collaboration

  • Communication policies

  • Document sharing processes

  • Client facing collateral creation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Engagement & disengagement - contract creation

  • Conflict - mutual respect curation

  • Graceful, respectful endings best practices


“This is a conversational session” This is not Colleen & Kellie yacking on. We want to get you thinking about how you do things now and gather ideas on how to do things better.

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