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Presented by: IPBC Continuing Education Credits Sub-Committee

Do you ever have times where you think about how great it would be if you could just bounce some ideas off someone feeling the same pain points, or find out what someone else did that has already been through what you are experiencing?  Or are you willing to share something you’ve mastered with those that could use your help? Well, in this session, we are going to provide the opportunity to do just that!

The plan is this:  our room will be arranged with different discussion topics at each table, and each table will have a pre-determined Leader.  You choose a table and topic that interests you. The intention of the table talk is for you to share your ideas and experiences, while also being able to learn from your peers.  The Table Leader will record the ‘best of’ the results and solutions from your table, and give a brief report to the entire group during our session summary. All of the detailed table talk results will be made available after conference to all who attend this session.


Here’s a list of some of the fantastic table topics up for discussion*:

  • Workflow and in-house procedures

  • Task Management and ways to streamline

  • Onboarding new customers / new staff

  • Team Management / HR

  • Communicating with a virtual team

  • Using Virtual Assistants

  • Marketing (various aspects)

  • Networking with Peers when you work alone

  • Contingency plans for small business owners

  • Selling your business (assessing value, preparation steps, etc.)

  • Exit Strategies (transitioning clients, etc.)

  • Transitioning into retirement

  • Dealing with demanding customers / managing compliance

  • Getting customers more engaged!


*Please note that none of these discussions will not be software specific.

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