The Push for a Paperless Office – A Customer’s Perspective

Business Savvy


Presented by: Sandy Johnson


Are you tired of not being able to quickly find what you need in that pile of papers you’ve been meaning to file?  Or do you have customers that are resistant to the idea of being “paperless”? How about both?

In this session, Sandy will show you a cost-effective way to take your (or your customer’s) office to a paper-free operation using basic tools/software you already have, or is inexpensive to buy.  Sandy does her own company’s bookkeeping and created her own paperless system – one that both she and her team can manage effectively. In this session, she will walk you through the process she used to not only create a system that works - but one that is government compliant, efficient to use, and is easy to retrieve documents from.

From this accomplishment, Sandy is clear on not only how (and what) needs to be done, but also the importance for bookkeepers to know – and understand - what your customers’ needs truly are.  She is happy to share how productivity can be increased, and help save some trees at the same time!

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