Systematize Your Business

Business Savvy


Presented by: Mindy Lamont, CPB & Dianna Thorne, CPA, CA


(In other words - how to create good help and make your business saleable!)

Do you wish you could clone yourself?  Do you do things consistently every time?  You may know all the answers, but how do you get to where people stop asking you all the questions?

Well ‘how’ is by creating a living, breathing system and making the leap from business owner to business builder!

/ˈsistəməˌtīz/  … verb - arrange according to an organized system; make systematic

Whether you are a sole practitioner or have staff, bookkeepers and accountants need to systematize. Take aways from this session include:

  • What could – and should – you systematize

  • Methods and programs that help you to systematize, and

  • How to systematize on the fly!

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