Technology & Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?

Tapping Technology


Presented by: John Leishman


We hear it daily now:  "The end is coming for Bookkeepers" and “Artificial Intelligence is going to replace Bookkeepers and Accountants!" … but let’s cut through the attention-grabbing headlines, and understand what the real impact is.


Yes, it is true that technology will impact the Bookkeeping profession, and yes, it is true that Bookkeepers need to learn new skills. However, it is NOT the doom and gloom that everyone is talking about. Technology is like riding a bike, all it takes is some practice and some curiosity.

In this presentation, John will talk about the birth of Artificial Intelligence with IBM’s Big Blue, and how the current marketplace of web based applications, is having a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of “AI”.  John will also talk about the potential uses of AI in the future such as “Fuzzy Logic” to provide different tax scenarios to customers, and how AI is helping to prevent fraud. Additionally, there will be discussions on how AI is used in our everyday lives from voice-to-text software to Chat bots.

John will explain how Artificial Intelligence can either be a threat – or an opportunity – to you as a Bookkeeping professional as well as to your firm.

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