Workshop: The Cloud, Your Firm & Increased Revenue

Software Success


Presented by: Mike Di Lauro, CPA, CMA

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Cloud technology has changed the face of our profession.  For those who have embraced the technology, the result has been a strengthened the relationship between advisor and client.

Meanwhile, statistics show that 60% of bookkeepers offer T1 tax prep and 38% prepare T2s.*  If you’re not among these ranks, with technology hitting new heights in automation and accuracy, it’s a great time to consider expanding your services.  Not only is it lucrative, but there are significant efficiencies.

We’ll show you how the latest in technology makes tax preparation more efficient; and will discuss how these tools will help to further strengthen the relationship between the bookkeeper and the client.  We’ll also cover everything you need to know in order to develop the skills needed to add these services to your offerings.

*K2E Bookkeeping Operations and Technology Survey 2018

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