Transforming Your Practice

Software Success


Presented by: Craig Juta


Over the past decade, software has transformed from 'ownership' to a 'service' – and the impact on how we invest in software has been seismic.  In this session, we will explore how the same transformation can be applied to your practice in the services you offer as you use these technologies to serve your customers.  


Craig will cover the following:

  • An introduction of a new model for doing business - giving your customers the opportunity to subscribe to your services

  • A showcase and overview of how companies have successfully used Power BI to drive a data-driven decision-making approach to business

  • A look at the technology offerings available that you can offer your customers to facilitate a subscription-centric business model (technologies include Power BI, QBO, Sage One and other SAAS offerings)

  • A look at the technologies available to your practice to build a strong structure, and to facilitate the automation of the administration around a subscription-centric business model (technologies include Stripe, Moonclerk, Xero, Rotessa, Proposify)

  • A review of Case Studies of successful subscription engagements

  • The use of specific tools, proposals and methods employed to bring your customers into the world of subscription.


You will leave this session inspired by the knowledge of new technology service offering to your customers and technology that you can employ internally to build a successful subscription based service practice.

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