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Presented by: IPBC Ethics & Discipline Committee

Did you know that IPBC has a Code of Conduct for all of its members?  Are you aware of its expectations, what it says and how it assists you in your profession – as well as IPBC’s ability to stand behind you? Do you ever fall behind in your commitments to your customers, and wonder what would happen if they filed a complaint with IPBC – or did you even know they could?

Well – they can – and they do – and our committee is anxious to walk you through that process.  We recognize that “life happens”.  We understand the anger, frustration and resentment you may be feeling, and want you to know that we have your backs.  So, to ensure that you are aware of the “unlikely but still possible” situation, we’d like to share with you the ins and outs of what you should know about the Ethics and Discipline side of IPBC.  This is one session you won’t want to miss, and attendance by all members is highly recommended.

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