Websites 101 (and then some!)

Tapping Technology


Presented by: Tanya Hilts, CPB


Whether you're about to create a website for the first time … or you aren’t happy with the one you’ve got and want to revamp it … or you're just looking to manage your own, Tanya’s got you covered!

Come and see how easy it is to get started with a website (or improve what you’ve got).  Contrary to what many believe, you do not have to be wildly creative, nor do you need a big budget.  Tanya will show you just how easy it is to get a website started for under $20 per month, and get it set up in less than an hour!

A website will help you give your bookkeeping business the professional edge you may be missing.  Most businesses today want to deal with those who have an online presence, and the chances are good that they are googling you before they even meet you.  Don’t you want your website to appear in their search?  Your company website validates your business, provides additional sales funnels, and helps you attract your ideal clients.

Join Tanya as she shows you how you can do this quickly and easily to obtain top search results – all without having to pay an SEO expert.  And if you don’t know what an SEO is – don’t worry – she’ll explain that to you too!

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